##What is this place?
Bigdinosaur.org is my personal domain. It’s run on a number of servers in my closet:

The web server is front and center: a homebuilt Intel Core i7-2600S with 16GB of RAM and a 90GB Corsair Force GT SSD. The server’s name is frylock, and it’s running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Web pages are served with Nginx (fronted by HAProxy for SSL termination and Varnish for static assets). Discourse runs within a Docker container and uses Nginx, Ruby on Rails, Unicorn, Redis, and PostgreSQL.

##What are the rules?

  • Be kind to each other
  • Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your spouse, mother, or boss seeing
  • Please don’t “Link 'n run”. Make sure to say something to start a discussion rather than posting nothing but a link.
  • I reserve the right to do anything at any time, including flip out and delete the entire web site and abscond to Guatemala with your personal data
  • (But I probably won’t)

##What if I see someone breaking the rules?
Every post has a “flag” button on it—hit that, and the moderator team will all be notified of the problem. If enough people flag a post, the post will be temporarily hidden from view until the moderators take action.

##What if I see some spam?
We try to kill spam before you guys see it, but if some slips through, just flag it. We’ll get rid of it ASAP!

##What’s the Chronicles of George?
The Chronicles of George is a web site I created a long time ago to make fun of someone. It contains lots and lots of really poorly written help desk tickets created by this person. It’s quite funny. The CoG web site is hosted on the same server as Bigdinosaur.org.

The Chronicles of George web forum started out on EZBoard a long, long time ago. We then migrated to phpBB, and then to Vanilla. Apparently I’m just not happy unless I have some kind of web server-ish thinkering project to fiddle with, and so the CoG forums migrated over here a few years ago.

##I have a question that isn’t addressed here!
E-mail the webmaster and ask, and I’ll see what I can do.